All God's Children 

There was a rough bar in Toronto Canada in an equally rough neighbourhood, Mt. Dennis. There was a real sweetheart who ran the bar most nights and she was loved and respected by everyone and everyone looked out for her like she was every one’s sister.  It was basically a biker bar and it seemed incongruous for this sweet and kind minded person to be in the middle of wild shenanigans that went on. Lot of blood spilled in this place.  One day I came to set up my equipment before the band got there and went to the bar to get a whiskey and I didn’t see anyone, but I heard something; walked up the bar a bit and the office door being opened a bit, I peeked in.  There was this same sweet effervescent  gal weeping.  I was taken aback; she must have sensed my presence, cleaned her face and stood up and I skedaddled back down the bar.  She comes out, see’s me and says with a big smile “hey Danny how are you”?  I wanted to say something but didn’t, but it came out in this song.