Are You Ready Quotes

“Incredibly, though there are no fewer than 20 cuts (filling up 80 minutes, the maximum a CD can hold), there is not a single throwaway. Recordings like this don't come around often. ” - Jerry Clark
“Prolific lyrics, stark imagery contrasting the times we’re living in; a real gut punch of truth with a message of hope for healing a troubled society.” - Tom Easley: Producer AVA Entertainment
“I was honored to be a part of this project and hope everyone loves the magic we all made together. It was certainly God ordained.” - Greg Martin: Kentucky Headhunters
“This entire album shines and will surely find a highly receptive audience in these troubled times.” Claude Hill: Grammy Winning Pro-Audio Engineer Studio Design and Consulting” - Claude Hill: Grammy Winning Pro-Audio Engineer Studio Design and Consulting
“Danny Brooks and Lil Miss Debi’s ”Mississippi Sessions” is as authentic as it gets. Real music that speaks soul to soul!” - Kyle Lehning: Producer/Randy Travis
“Jamaica Sun: Great R&B soulful feel. Love it, Where Will You Stand: Awesome song and message. Very Springsteen’ish. Love it!, Jesus Had The Blues: What a great project this is. Reminds me of Delbert. Great soul here that people our age need to hear." - Dann Rogers is a renowned songwriter/singer, following in the footsteps of his Uncle 'Kenny Rogers." His songs have been covered by Johnny Cash, Prince, and Lionel Rithcie to name a few. )
“You hit this one out of the park. Loved every song!" - Bill Johnson//Mastering Sound/Austin TX
“Hello y'all, I received the new CD this morning. Great music and the engineering was great. Love all the info with the package. I will have it all in theTABC Radio rotation by the end of the day." - Jeff Heyen/TABC Radio
“Danny Brooks is now slowly approaching seventy and, together with Lil Miss Debi, presents a fresh, almost 80-minute-long album on which he shows that he knows his way around blues, Americana and rock. Despite the different stylistic influences, “Are You Ready?” Remains an authentic-looking work that skillfully combines the various musical styles, which are indeed related. " - Michael Segets
“As I listen to his album “Are You Ready” for the third time and enjoying every bit of it, I describe the overall sound as organic. You can feel the truth in his music. No pitch correction or studio manipulation here As I said in my intro, the cd has a little something for everyone and its all good!! The cd “Are You Ready” can be found at and as you probably guessed by now – I highly recommend it. Until Next Time” - Adrian Webb 
“Thank you for this great album. We are very impressed and have decided to make it the Album of the Month. All songs are also in our non stop rotation. ” - Greetings from the Netherlands Linda & Herman —
“Are You Ready? The Mississippi Sessions ”turns out to be a very beautiful testimony to what the region has the best in terms of influences and sounds, an album thought and recorded with the guts but also with the heart which offers us the best of what these Texanadians have it in them. Are You Ready? The Mississippi Sessions ”turns out to be a very beautiful testimony to what the region has the best in terms of influences and sounds, an album thought and recorded with the guts but also with the heart which offers us the best of what these Texanadians have it in them. A real musical melting pot. ” - Fred Delforge
“WOW, always loved his sound. Fantastic CD, I'll start play tomorrow (Sunday). ” - DJ Greg Demko of KRZA/Alamosa CO
“With Brooks you immediately get two music styles at home. The Blues comes from the swampy Mississippi Delta and the warm Soul of Memphis... Sometimes you have to dare to explore and these “Texanadians” with their Memphis soul and Delta blues are certainly a discovery.… ” - NEW Review from Rootstime in Belgium by Freddy Celis —
“Tasty, real music set that vet rockers will love kicking it out to. Solid stuff, reminiscent of Memphis, Macon and Muscle Shoals. ” - Midwest Review
“Danny Brooks & Lil Miss Debi were a blank slate to myself and yes from now on I also feel like a Texanadian connected to their 'Texassippi.' Sometimes and certainly with their soulful ballads they shine a light on The Holmes Brothers!” - Rootsville

"Listening to Danny Brooks is like driving out of Memphis, TN on a sunny Saturday morning into the Mississippi Delta listening to WDIA.  It's one of those things where time stands still.  A dash of Eddie Hinton, Solomon Burke, Rev. James Cleveland and Howlin' Wolf are all ingredients in Danny's soulful musical stew"  states Greg Martin of the Kentucky Headhunters.

Maybe Greg Quill noted musician and former arts writer for the Toronto Star, sums it up the best:  "This is Roots music of great distinction."

"Every song on the album tells a story and the lyrics have content. It is almost impossible to choose a favorite from so much beauty. My advice is let you persuade and be enchanted by this wonderful album. Great album!"   Review by
Rudolph van der Ree /Rudolphs Music/Belgium

"....resulting in a fantastic Soul Blues Album....Texassippi Soul Man Danny Brooks has nothing less than a masterpiece delivered with this record!"
Luc Meert / Rootstime Review/Belgium
"The husband and wife team here are truly in tune with each other and have produced an ace for anyone’s blues collection." Alan Pearce/Blues Matters/UK

Jim Dickinson, Memphis Legendary Producer, says "Danny's voice tells you he's been through the pain of experience and the promise of hope.  North American folk sounds that go beyond fashion or trend.  Part of a tradition as old as the New World Frontier.  He tears away at the text of today's world with the vision of the true believer I know him to be.  His songs say it all."  Jim Dickinson/Renowned Memphis Producer

"The 18 songs on this CD will take you on a musical journey you want to take again and again." TyAnn Lindell/Magic City Blues/Birmingham AL

"Danny Brooks amazes us with every new recording he publishes. As it could not be otherwise, he has done it again to surprise all those who are fans of his music....totally down home style of the most genuine front porch music, frankly displayed, with great intensity."  La Hora del Blues/Spain

Brownie McGhee - Walter Brown McGhee was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1915. He came from a musical family. His father, George McGhee, a multi-instrumentalist who played in both black and interracial string bands. His mother played records by Bessie Smith, Lonnie Johnson, and country star Jimmie Rodgers. The early 60s, Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry were playing before predominantly white audiences at folk festivals across America, Canada, and Europe, including taking part in the first American Folk Blues Festival. In addition, they appeared on television and in documentaries. By the mid-'70s they'd more or less split up and went their own way.

Sonny Terry played until his death in '86. Brownie had all but retired by then as well, but before he passed away in 1996, he founded the Blues Is Truth Foundation to help keep the Blues alive. Brownie McGhee was exceptional as a musician and person.

BROWNIE & BROOKS - "I was living in The Talbot Inn Hotel in London Ontario, during a dark period of my life, whereby I was trying to go straight. Brownie McGee was performing one night and the club owner wanted him to let me get up and sing with him. I was sitting a little ways a way from where they were having a discussion about it. Brownie looked at me and I could see him shake his head no, as if to say, "he don't look right, or too well". He was right, as I was sick and sweating. The club owner persisted and finally won out. (full story in Miracles For Breakfast) When I got on the stage after Brownie introduced me, and shaking from coming down (2 days clean) I quietly went to the mic (I can still see his face looking at me with pity and wondering what he got himself into) and said I would like to sing a Taj Mahal song "You're Going To Need Somebody On Your Bond". How fitting! It was my intention to finish and run off stage, and as I quickly turned around to say thanks, and started to leave, he said "do another one Danny". I ended singing 4 songs and as I was leaving the stage, Brownie gently grabbed my arm and looked me right in the eye, with a kind and understanding face and said "son, fo a white boy, you sho' nuff got a suntan on the inside". I have never forgotten that moment and was a strengthening for me for the days to come. Gets me pretty soulful just thinking about it. I'm sure I'll see you up in Heaven Brownie, and we will jam again"-db

"Danny Brooks' Soulful Blues, meld a variety of styles and guitars with each performance, his undeniable "lived the life" lyrics are like a book that leaves you eager to see what's on the next page.  Great entertainer and songwriter."  Jerry Tolliver, President Southwest Florida Blues Society

“You guys are Joe Cocker, Bob Seeger and the Swampers wrapped  up into two people” Gary Darling/Michigan

“I love Danny. He blows me away every time I see him perform”.  Tracie Ferguson/Talent buyer/Gruene Hall, New Braunfels TX

"Rocking soul blues with a touch of country, gospel, roots, and R&B, Texassippi Soul Man,
Danny Brooks has what it takes to get you moving, whether you're wearing cowboy boots or blue suede shoes." 
Amy Mangan/Hugh’s Room Booking/ In Canada’s Top 20 Live Music Venues/CBC

"...Brooks’ singing has enough soul to light up a Harlem church on Sunday morning!" Tony Peyser Santa Monica Mirror

"...this is a work of rare power, informed by unshakeable conviction, soaked with sweaty passion, and oozing grit and grease in every groove. Easily among the most uplifting and life-affirming releases of this or any year, SOULSVILLE’s appeal transcends religious affiliation or orientation. This one gets my very highest recommendation."  John Taylor NOW Magazine

ACL (10/4/09): "We caught some of Ontario’s blues rocker
Danny Brooks...the band was far more seasoned and skilled than any of the hipster darlings drawing crowds this weekend".  Kevin Cogill/Photo. Written by Johnny Firecloud/Antiquiet Magazine, L.A.

I will always remember this show at the Austin City Limits Festival. Long-time friend and bassist Dennis Pinhorn, Lance Anderson/B3 and Amoy Levy/vocals came from Toronto Canada and joined Austin guitar ace Joe Forlini, the late great Eddie Flores/drums and local singer Angie Kogutz, and yours truly. We had played the day before at the legendary 'Stubbs BBQ' and it set us up for a hot show at the ACL. The band came to play, the festival staff was top drawer as was the stage and sound crew and it all came together as a show to remember!!!

Very much in the tradition of the country soul pioneered by the likes of Dan Penn, Spooner Oldham, Donnie Fritts and others, this CD is a "must have" for lovers of country soul and that Muscle Shoals sound - 'souled out n' sanctified' indeed!"  Shades of Blue/R&B Primer/UK
"WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE MUSIC BUSINESS? - What's wrong with a music business that allows a talent as rich and focused as Weston, Ont., soul/blues/gospel singer-composer Brooks to squander such brilliant work on the outer fringes of the independent market? Here is an awesome musical assembly of seasoned veterans-pianist/producer and former Band/Janis Joplin sideman Richard Bell, drummer Bucky Berger, bassist Dennis Pinhorn, guitarist Papa John King, singer Amoy Levy and a horn section to die for. 'Rock This House' is a blazing hot record, loaded with deep grooves, propelled by an irresistible pulse, heated by Muscle Shoals and Delta sweat, and bursting with songs that unfold yarns of faith, trial, sorrow, peace, redemption and above all, love. Brooks' fierce growl had never sounded more real than it does on this stunning recording, easily his finest effort, and deserving of Big Time attention." Greg Quill Toronto Star

"Canadian-born and bred
Danny Brooks may be, although you'd never know it from one listen to this album, ‘It’s A Southern Thing’ an ode to all things Southern and mystical. Brooks' voice is equal parts John Fogerty and Bob Seger back-row bluster with a liberal dose of Bruce Springsteen bombast thrown in to make sure you're getting the message loud and clear. But Brooks also writes one great song, and this album is filled with them. He finds release in traveling down South into America's backwoods ("Georgia Bound," the title track), while the acceptance of life's everyday ups and downs is mirrored on "Show Up and Sing," "Wheels Keep Spinning," "Just a Little Faith," "The Way It Goes" and "Got to Be More Than This." Four of the tracks on the project were mixed by Jim Dickinson in Memphis. A batch of great songs soaked in the Southern aesthetic."  Cub Coda -All Music Guide

"`Carolina's' humid backbeat and swamp-filled slide guitar, moves
Brooks into an area at the crossroads of Solomon Burke, RL Burnside and Elmore James. It's a new and unique sound from one of my favorite singers, and from the first note, it sticks in your head like a bowl of `southern grits`." Louis X. Erlanger/ WVEW 107.7 Blue Mondays

"Live At The Palais"
is a rollicking, boogie-ing, sweating, burning, hip-shaking display of pure unbridled energy with tons of grinning-like-a-cat sincerity.
Brooks means each and every syllable he sings, earnest down to the soles of his feet, but that doesn't say that he can't have a damn good time, and boy howdy!, doesn't the audience know it!...."  FAME Review

"As with most of
Danny Brooks' music, "Texassippi Soul Man" is one of those discs that - regardless of the type of music you're into - anyone will like it. Great songs, great musicians and great feelings from, of and about the soul. Danny Brooks is a man from, of and about the soul."  Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro/ Mary4music

'Ain't That The Truth'/No Easy Way Out CD:
"This is what blues music has always been and is as good as it gets. This single represents and tributes other great artists of the blues genre such as: Muddy Waters, Ry Cooder and John Lee Hooker.
Danny is a consummate professional who truly believes the least he can do for his audience is to give his best. And it shows! This song could have been played in the Blues Brothers and felt totally at home in the presence of Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. The song has such an infectious sense of rhythm that there is no way to not tap your foot clap your hands and jump up and testify, screamin’ “Hallelujah, I've been healed”. " Cashbox Magazine/Music Editor Mike Peace

"More than anything else,
Danny Brooks is spiritual, but Danny Brooks is soul, too, and deep South gospel tinged with haunting blues. And if you listen close enough you’ll even hear a touch of raw, chilling, Ralph Stanley style mountain music, too. In addition, Danny Brooks could easily be the most sincere man in show business today simply because he has discovered the key to touching his audience’s heart, and there is no smoke and mirrors involved."  Bill Thames/Swampland Swampland Danny Brooks